2015 Season - NFL Survivor Pool Grid

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We will be launching soon for the
2015 NFL Season. Please stay tuned.

About: The grid above helps you make the best pick in your football survivor pool each week. It shows you the expected value of the pick this week, the win probability, and the pick distribution, as well as providing an easy to visualize possible future picks.

W% is the win probability of each team this week, based on Pinnacle money lines.
P% is the percentage of people picking each team, taken from an average of several pools.
EV is the expected value of picking each team this week based on W% and P%. More info can be found in our FAQ.

Spread and pick distribution data updated several times per day.

Current week spread/money line data provided by Pinnacle Sports.
Future matchup spreads calculated using power rankings by Teddy Covers.
Current week pick distribution provided by Yahoo, OFP and RunYourPool.
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